In Amarillo, it's about $40 for a couple to go out on a date to the movies, and around $70 to $100 for a family to attend the movies.

With Cinemark changing its policy on bag size, it's no secret that we all sneak treats in with us to the movies.

It's a treat to go to the movies and it sucks to see a $5 price sticker on a box of candy you can get from Walmart or Dollar Tree for $1.

Some theaters make you feel like you're saving by giving you a large soda and large popcorn combo for $15.

However, Selling snacks and candy is a way to keep the movie theater open annually. Movie Ticket revenue for the first couple weeks go back to the movie studio. Theaters start to make money off a movie after about 3 months.

Hence why the theater in our mall is so cheap.

While ticket revenues are split with the movie studio, the concessions are 100% profit for the theater to pay for the theater equipment, employees, and overhead.

Stanford University did a whole detailed researched insight on why concessions are the price that they are. I would highly recommend that you check it out.

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