Politics, It gets ugly at times and the presidential campaign last year really hit a few low notes. It seems they get uglier every year, or do they? Well... the more things change, the more they stay the same and while Amarillo may not be on the path to the White House we have had our share of candidates making their way though the golden spread

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It's November of 1960. Thursday the 3rd to be exact, Elvis was topping the charts with "Now Or Never." President Eisenhower was in the twilight of his second term and two Senators were on the Democratic Ticket for President of the United States. John F. Kennedy and his running mate, Texas native Lyndon B. Johnson. Kennedy was fresh off of debate wins against his GOP opponent Richard Nixon touring across the country stumping for his campaign when he found himself in the Yellow City

It Got Loud That Day

Kennedy And Nixon
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Kennedy made an appearance at the Amarillo Airport with plenty of crowd in hand and among the key points of his plans was assistance to farmers and ranchers here in the panhandle. LBJ was also along to help campaign and help with the Texas ties. Naturally you're gonna find that when you campaign at an airport it's a noisy place. It turns out a few of the pilots were no fans of JFK and well... the video below shows just how loud it got. Pilots tried to drown out the speech with their engines. which lead to a very big moment for LBJ.

The moment lead to one of the most prolific images in American politics with a very frustrated LBJ pointing at the planes asking them to cut their engines. The moment wasn't lost on the future president Kennedy either:

They can’t stop the truth anyway. I don’t care how much that engine warms up.

Just as quickly as the speech came, Kennedy and Johnson were off to the next stop. But even then politics got ugly at times. No need to mention the winner of the election, but it's fun to see that Amarillo made it's contribution to the campaign with a historical moment.

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