When I mention the town of Tulia, what comes to mind? I pass it whenever I travel between Amarillo and Lubbock, but really don't much more about it. It is the county seat of Swisher County, has a pretty small population, a handful of family owned restaurants, and some nice parks to enjoy some outside recreation. But did you know that Tulia holds a pretty major Texas state record?

During the Great Blizzard of 1899, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the Lone Star state was in Tulia. The thermometer that day hit -23 degrees Fahrenheit. Tulia held that record until 1933 when the same temperature was recorded in Seminole, Texas. Since then, Texas has never seen a temperature that cold. Here's something else to think about, when you have a blizzard you have a lot of wind. That -23 temperature did not factor in the wind chill. Can you imagine how downright cold it had to feel with that temperature and gusty blizzard wind? Not to mention that we didn't exactly have the best home construction and insulation in 1899.

Amarillo did not escape that blizzard as well. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Amarillo was -16 and happened during that same storm.

Next time you take a trip along I-27, hop off the interstate and take a drive through Tulia. You can check out everything the town has to offer at TuliaTexas.org.

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