If you're not familiar with Reddit, it's a social news site that hosts all kinds of weird, interesting, and sometimes totally messed up stuff that people post from around the world. You can find breaking news stories, funny jokes, humorous pictures, weird photos, and some other things that you will never want to see in your life.That being said, it does have a section that always has some pics that leave me scratching my head wondering "What the heck was that about?" Next time you have a chance, browse Reddit and check out some of the funny and weird things before they make it into your Facebook news feed. Again, I'll warn you. There are sections of that site you want to avoid, and they are pretty apparent. Happy Redditing.

Here are some photos that I found on Reddit today that had me either scratching my head or say just plain "NOPE!"

"Smoking Gel"

Ffor the smoker on the go. Yes, you rub it on and I'm guessing it's lotion with nicotine.

Shark On Subway

Looks like this shark had enough of all the "Shark Week" memes and took off!

Dog On Motorcycle

I really think this might be the most dangerous way to get your dog from point A to point B. Plus, I bet the Humane Society wouldn't be too happy about that.

Poor Dog

Shaving Cream Disaster

Be careful! Those things can explode! Contents under pressure. (Cue Queen)

Got out of the shower and heard a loud bang. Opened the door to this..

Giant Wasp - NOPE!

I think I would pass out if this thing flew near me. I don't do stinging insects of any kind.

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