I don't have much free time lying around these days. That kind of melts away when you get married and have all the kids that come with it.

But lately, I've been making it a point to reclaim what's rightfully mine: my time. Just a little bit of it. The point is: I have gotten good at giving myself bite-sized pieces of joy throughout the day. But I think that maybe, just maybe, today I went a little too far in my pursuit of interesting things.

See, I got onto Yelp. And on a strange, alien whimsy, I decided to sort the reviews starting off with the lowest to highest.

I have to say, some of these negative reviews of places around Amarillo are....bizarre.

If you're wondering what I mean by this, don't worry. we'll get there in just a moment. The thing I want you to ask yourself before we jump in is: how exactly does a person feel confident enough to give a negative review of a national landmark?

You know...a geological formation? Or how about a public street? How does a historical landmark deserve a hostile one-star negative review on Yelp? To me, it's like yelling at the outside of your old middle school for the sake of yelling at a building you don't like.


Get ready....there's some negative ones and then there's some that are just plain strange. Behold, postcards from the edge of Amarillo's Yelp reviews:

Amarillo Landmarks: Negative Yelp Reviews

Yelp can be a strange and angry place. That's what I found out recently when I decided to sort the reviews by "lowest rating" first.

I was okay with the people upset over bad service and what not. But I came across a few reviews that, for lack of a better word, left me speechless in their scathing negative reviews on some of Amarillo's most iconic places. Prepare your self for plenty of head shaking and "I dunno" shrugs.

Downtown Amarillo Over The Years

Downtown Amarillo has seen an incredible metamorphosis. Take a look at the photos below to see just how much it's changed--you won't believe the difference.

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