Folks here in Amarillo are about to get their hands on some cold hard cash. I'm not really interested in the politics of it--and trust me, there's plenty of 'em to go around with this check. If you wanna argue that out, there's a whole host of political websites and opinion boards just for that.

What I know is that the average 4 person family here in Amarillo is staring down a $5,600 windfall from President Biden as part of a $1.9 Trillion Covid-19 relief package. Each adult who has filed taxes last year is eligible for a 1,400 check and each minor dependent adds another 1,400 to the tally. Basic math 1,400 with two parents and two kids... $5,600.

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So what exactly do you do with that money? 

You could be a good smart financial cookie and put that money into savings....but why would you do something responsible like that?! Let's blow some cash here!


First things first, let's pay some bills, if you got nickel and dime bills or anything that someone is nagging you for on the phone (you know....several times throughout the day or at dinner, ruining your party)... take care of those first. Your phone and your credit score will thank you.

Let's take care of some home items

Now with that out of the way... let's get to stimulating the economy... how's your appliance game? Washer and dryer barely hanging on? Get a new set...maybe your fridge is on the fritz? You already read my mind...


It's okay to make big ticket expenditures like this. I mean, basically you're supporting the economy by purchasing durable goods that are obviously going to give you years of reliable service... so spend on! Buy local and put some money back here in Amarillo. Our local business owners are just as ready for this too.

Oh... big one here, If you have storm damage from the deep freeze a few weeks back or the introduction to spring we had over the weekend... fix that first... Insurance doesn't always cover every little thing.

How about a Car?

Antique Car
Michael Zysman

Now... that junk heap out in the driveway... the one that's missing paint or...  I mean that fine piece of machinery that takes you to work everyday. You're tired of working on it, maybe it's creeping up in miles. I'm not saying you can get something new for $5,600 (Although you can do quite a bit of damage in the used department) but that sure would make a nice down payment. again, it's worth it because this is a long term investment on durable goods that helps the economy.

Or Just Blow The Cash

This kind of money is also get out of town money... Like head to the Gaylord Texan or Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas and maybe swing a day at Six Flags kinda money. nothing prudent or wise here... but it's nice to just get away right?

Wait.. Vegas... let's go for broke... what's the worst that can happen right?


Keep it local

Or maybe just a nice weekend here in the Panhandle like renting a Cabin at Palo Duro. or go to Wonderland and ride every ride... 15 times... (for good measure)

Or... you could just give it all to me!

No matter what you choose it's ultimately your money (in more ways than one) and if you can't wait... the IRS even has a way to tell you when it's coming.

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