The proposed Texas Route 66 specialty plate design may have hit too many speed bumps along the way as it is currently well short of the required 200 pre-orders for it to hit the roads.

The proposed design by My was submitted to the TxDMV board last February and was approved pending the vendor achieving 200 pre-orders within a 180-day period. The deadline to meet the 200 pre-orders is August 8, 2018, and My Plates has stated that they are sitting at only 100 pre-orders.

“At this stage, without a push from interested Texans, it looks unlikely that this plate will proceed” said Steve Farrar, President for My

Several other states including Illinois, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona have already launched dedicated Route 66 plate designs in their respective markets.

The company has been working with a few Route 66 organization groups in Texas and has provided an attractive discount for any pre-orders on this design, up to $99 off.

“Unfortunately, it appears that this plate may not carry enough curb appeal”, said Farrar.

Let's save this plate! Texans wishing to get more information about these two pre-order designs may go to

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