What are your favorite memories of summer? Is it a special vacation you got to take? Maybe it was hanging out with your friends. Well I can bet you have many memories that included a swimming pool.

I grew up swimming at  Southwest Park Swimming Pool. So many memories were made there. I would spend many days hanging out with my sister and friends. I can hear a certain song and it takes me back to that day.

So when there were talks about Thompson Park Swimming Pool back in December of 2018 closing I know that many people felt that hurt in their hearts. They grew up swimming there and maybe there kids have as well.

The pool has been closed ever since. A lot of people in the neighborhood and even not in the neighborhood were upset. Oh, and rightfully so. Hanging out at the pool is a right of passage and a cheap alternative to a lot of other activities.

Oh, and then the news came yesterday. It was news that I think made the whole city smile. Thompson Park Pool is going to get replaced! That was officially approved during yesterday's City Council Meeting. Great news.

This is something the pool and the neighborhood has wanted for a long time. So what is next? They will start the design process immediately. The plans for the design on the pool will take some time. It will run through August of next year.

Then construction will begin. It looks that the pool will be ready to open on Memorial Day of 2021. So we can already see the water splashing around and all the families being able to enjoy this pool for a long time to come.

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