Have you ever been to Shamrock, Texas? It's a teeny tiny town in Wheeler County, about 110 miles east of Amarillo, with a population of barely 2,000. It's best known for its iconic Route 66 sites and for their annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.

This year is their Diamond Jubilee, marking the 75th anniversary of this small town celebration. Starting on Friday, March 18th and ending Sunday, March 20th, there is a jam-packed weekend of lucky fun in Shamrock, Texas. And....you're most certainly invited.

City of Shamrock
City of Shamrock

From the website:

<p class="font_7">Join us for the 75th Annual Diamond Jubilee</p><p class="font_7">St. Patrick's Celebration in Shamrock, Texas</p><p class="font_7">March 18th-20th where we will be reflecting on the past and looking toward the future! This three-day festival has been designated by the State Legislature as the official St. Patrick's Day Celebration for the entire State of Texas!</p>

There's a Beard Contest

I cannot lie to you, I was immediately drawn to the Donegal Beard Contest, which will take place at 10am on Saturday, March 19. While I'm not sure if my caveman scrub can qualify as the luscious "chin curtain" the website describes, I sure as heck want to see the very best chin curtain that Shamrock has.

You can enter by visiting this link and filling out the form or on site the day of.

There's Dancing and More Dancing

There's quite a few music events scheduled for the weekend. On Friday, there's a Country Club Dance; on Saturday there's a concert at the Shamrock High School at 7:30 pm, followed directly by the "Big Dance" at 9pm at the Country Club (with live performances by Cody Canada and The Departed & Seth Ward and the Silence)

That's just some of the events that jumped out at me. There's plenty, and I do mean plenty more events for you to check out. In fact, we've listed them all on a map below. You can find out more about this three day celebration and buy tickets by visiting their website.

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