We like to sit and take that trip down memory lane of all the great restaurants we miss here in Amarillo. You see posts from your friends bringing them up. We miss Gardskis, we miss Ruby Tequila's, we miss those enchiladas at Country Pride.

Oh and Bennigan's. It used to be there on I-40 and was a great place to hang out for St. Patrick's Day. I know we were there a lot on that day and any day we wanted a good meal. I still remember walking in and heading up to the bar to see our buddy Beaver.

Those were the days. Of course our Bennigan's here in Amarillo closed down several years ago. It is now the home of El Patron.

What Can You Do If You Are Craving a Burger From Bennigan's?

There was talk several years ago about bringing Bennigan's back to Amarillo. That did not ever happen unfortunately. The good news is that all hope is not lost. You can get those cravings taken care of just by taking a short drive to Borger.

Yes, that is correct. Borger has a Bennigan's in their town. They are located a short one hour drive away at 1033 W Wilson. It has actually been open since 2010. So there is no need to miss out on all their great food.

I really miss their Monte Cristo and their Ruben. Their burgers were to die for and now I don't have to miss out. This makes me happy.

They have even added breakfast. They have lunch specials too. Check out their menu HERE.

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