Kids Inc Donor Days (KIDD) is going on through the end of March and here's why you should give the gift of life during this event.


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    It's a Friendly Competition

    By giving blood during KIDD, you are engaging in a friendly competition.  You are competing against the whole Texas Panhandle.


    You Are Helping to Win Prizes for Your Favorite School

    By taking part in KIDD and taking part in that friendly competition, you are helping your school or your child's school win some great prizes.   Prizes that will be beneficial to your school or your child's school.

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    You Get Some Cool Stuff

    Not only do you get to support your favorite school by donating during KIDD.  You get a cool KIDD t-shirt and a coupon for a free Bahama Bucks!

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    High School Seniors Can Win Scholarships

    If you are a high school senior and you give blood during KIDD, you have the chance to win a scholarship to WTAMU or AC.  Just give blood during your school blood drive or at CMBC, and tell them what school you are donating for, and that you are graduating and your name will be put into a drawing to win a scholarship!

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    You Are SAVING a Life!

    You want your favorite school to win, but when you donate that pint of blood.  You are saving a life.  You won't know whose life you are saving.  It could be that child getting chemo, it could be a man hurt in a car accident.  It could be a woman giving birth and something goes horribly wrong and they need multiple pints of blood.  Whomever, is blessed to receive the blood you donated, just know because of that hour of your time, you helped save their life.  That's the biggest reason to give during KIDD!