Have you ever had a bad break up? And I mean a real bad breakup, where it comes through like a whirlwind and leaves a whole bunch of destruction and debris in its aftermath? Sure feels exactly like that with that wild polar vortex/freeze/whatever that came through last week.

Lord knows almost all of us have a banged up home and busted pipes to tend to. It doesn't stop with buildings and houses, though. Oh no. All that snow and ice? Ain't any good for the roads, it turns out..

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Officials with TXDOT Amarillo issued a statement today stating they would shut down Interstate 40 between Helium and Soncy, with all thru traffic to be diverted to the frontage roads.

According to the TXDOT statement, repairs are needed for the right wheel path in the inside lane on the highway and are expected to be complete by end of the day.

Speaking of highways and blocking lanes off for repairs....there's a few areas of I-40 that you'll want to watch out for this week.

TXDOT will be pouring concrete for new bridge spans over the intersection at Western street on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. This is part of their preparation to begin work on rebuilding the intersection.

And there's yet another project in the works to add pre-cast bridge panels at Whittaker road later in the week. Be aware.

Don't worry, we wouldn't dare leave I-27 out. Much like how it's been for a decade, there's lots and lots of construction and bridge maintenance projects underway; from Rockwell road all the way to the interchange. Some things never change, eh?

Ah, who are we kidding? We're all used to this. Just make sure that you plan a little extra time to get where you're going and pack some patience. You'll be fine.

Who knows? Maybe one of these days the city might actually finish something they start and we might actually be able to zip around town without having to risk our lives on a one-lane highway lined by bright orange construction cones that never seem to move.


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