Two Wisconsin women were arrested after sexually assaulting a high school student with pliers.


Back in October a high school student (whose name has not been released) was sitting at home playing video game when he received a phone call from 17 year-old Amanda Johnson, inviting him to come over and "hang out" for a little while.

When the victim arrived at the house he, Johnson and a few other people went to another house. When they arrived at the house the victim said the other people in the house started smoking "green", the victim said he did not participate and walked outside to play with the daughter of one of the suspects name Valerie Bartkey, 24.

While the victim was outside playing with the child he made a joke about punching the little girl in the stomach, that's when things got heated and Johnson pushed the victim to the ground. When the victim got up he then started running but one of the people inside the house tripped the victim and he then fell to the ground again. While on the ground Johnson and Bartkey started to kick the victim the other people from inside the house and participated.

The victim was able to escape and run off, but he then returned later to home to get his shoes back that he lost while he was getting kicked. He found his shoes inside the bathroom, one in the sink and one inside of the toilet. After he grabbed the shoes he went outside to the front of the house and sat on the porch to put his shoes back on. Bartkey then walked up to the victim and handed him a glass of liquid that she told him was lemonade. The victim then drank the liquid and was then informed from someone inside the house that it was urine from both Bartkey & Johnson.

After that Bartkey then told the victim to go to a room in the house, the victim told police he did this because he was "scared." Bartkey then told him to take off his pants or she was going to cut the off with scissors, at that time is when Johnson entered the room. Both Bartkey and Johnson told the victim to then show them his penis. Bartkey then started to remove her clothes and wanted the victim to have sex with her, the victim refused, thats when Barkey grabbed some pliers and started twisting his penis.

One of the owners of the house then walked into the room and demanded that Bartkey and Johnson leave. The victim got his clothes and got dressed and left the house immediately. The victim told a friend about the whole situation when he got home, the friend then told the victims grandmother who then told police. Both of the suspects have been charged  a felony count of second-degree assault by force, criminal damage to property and misdemeanor counts of battery. If convicted both Bartkey and Johnson could face up to 40 years in prison.

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