Kudos to Arden Road Elementary for celebrating Red Ribbon Week, where they teach kids about the dangers of drugs, but apparently they need to keep them away from Serial Killers too.

Wait? What did I just say? That is right. I am not even sure how this happened but it gave me a good laugh....and to this day I still chuckle.

I went to lunch with some friends when I was shown the flyer for Arden Road's Red Ribbon Week. I was shown their "Dress for Success" segment with a nice example of a nice looking man.

I told them "Oh, he is my FAVORITE!"....in horror they thought I had no idea who that nicely dressed....nicely looking man was.....but they were in for a surprise. I said, "Yes, he is my favorite Serial Killer."

They actually used the senior picture of Ted Bundy in their flyer. Really? "Dress for Success" as a famous Serial Killer?

Arden Road Elementary

My friend called the school with her concerns. To be fair they apologized and said that whoever put the flyer together just did a search of high school pictures....and that was the first one to come up. Kind of an unfortunate Google search and choice to use that exact photo.

I know they didn't mean any harm.....and maybe the bigger issue is that I do in fact have a favorite Serial Killer and Ted Bundy is it!

ted bundy


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