If you were listening to the weather forecasters on Sunday you probably thought eh, we're not going to get any rain. There was a maybe 10% chance of rain being forecasted but around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, all hell broke loose. The dark ominous clouds that began piling up on the horizon moved into town quickly and then seemed to stall over the east central part of town. The airport got an official 1.8 inches of rain but I live in that area and my backyard rain gauge registered 3 1/2 inches of rain. My back porch was more flooded than during the worst of Storm 2006. Things were crazy. Check out the video I shot while I was on Edgemere near Bassett trying to get home during the storm.


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A little further east, McRae got clobbered by the storm and flooding that we eastsiders have never seen in that area all but swallowed up some cars and showed us just how unprepared we are in this city for a storm of that magnitude. The McRae area near Sprouts has a pretty decent incline and the intersection is basically a bowl so all that water rushed down McRae and filled up the intersection very quickly. The video on former city rep Emma Acosta's Facebook page tells a pretty frightening story.

The storm also wreaked havoc on McRae. I've lived in the Cielo Vista area almost my whole life and not even in Storm 2006 did I see this kind of flooding there. There were water rescues including this one that was caught on video. The saying is so true, turn around, don't drown. We were lucky that there were no drownings in the flooding on Sunday. Please be careful whenever you encounter weather and flooding like this.

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