The flurry of voting laws being passed everywhere, including here in Texas, are ridiculous.

Less than a handful of bad ballots have ever been found in the 2020 Presidential election. So let's break out some numbers. 239 were eligible to vote. 158 million of those people voted. One guy got 81 million votes and the other guy got 74 million votes. In case you are wondering that's a difference of 7 million votes. That means that if there were errors, people voting twice, or any other malfeasance it would have to of happened SEVEN MILLION TIMES to make a difference.

All of this makes all the voting laws that are being passed and the time and energy spent on them ridiculous. I would like to think that these lawmakers could multi-task, but aside from picking on transgendered kids, this seems to be the big push.  Even though I see it as a tremendous waste of time, I don't think it's going to have the effect that either of the two sides think it's going to have. I don't think these laws are going to prevent people from voting and I think any cheaters will find a way to cheat. The whole thing is just going to make people mad.

As for the politicians, we see you. At least if this stuff passes you have no more excuses to hide behind. Once you get this out of your system, get back to fixing roads and highways because that's the one thing we can all agree on. I think we've all had enough of this and other nonsense issues.

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