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Somedays I find it hard to believe the insanity of the pandemic has been around for well over a year now. A 'heads up' from the Texas Department of Public Safety serves as a reminder to me personally as it was April of last year when I was trying to update my driver's license and my license plates while all the Texas DPS officers were closed and locked down. It's been almost a year!

So that means that anyone who is driving around the Crossroads with an expired license or expired tags is coming up to the end of this giant grace period that was established last year. After April, 14th, 2021, Texas DPS will no longer have a 60-day waiver period for expired cards or paperwork. The original waiver was introduced at the beginning of this whole mess.

If YOU are one of those folks still driving around on expired tags, have an invalid driver's license, or some other issue, you will want to head over to the DPS portal to view their new policy.

My own experience of renewing a driver's license online, which required a STAR ID AND an address change could not have been easier. I highly recommend skipping the line and going right for the website if you have a basic renewal coming up.

If it is easier, you can also renew by phone by calling 1-866-357-3639. Everything still costs the same as renewing in person. If you need to visit the office you should call ahead to check the hours of operation.

Same-day appointments will be limited. All COVID-19 standards and protocols are still in place in Victoria.

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