Amarillo is no stranger to the limelight recently with various signage around the Panhandle area.

Just last year we reported the billboard on I-40 and grand that read Liberals can leave Texas which prompted a response from locals saying Texas is for everyone.

Now, we are seeing another billboard reading, ""

Credit: TSM Amarillo
Credit: TSM Amarillo

Of course, I had to visit the website. They are looking for signatures for the petition and you can donate your money making your checks payable to Brian Kolfage of Castle Rock, CO.

The GoFundMe account raised $17 Million in a small amount of time, but since has been stagnant lingering around $19.5 million.

We are not sure if this is a billboard funded locally or from the Brian Kolfage team and it's trickling down into Amarillo.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is it worth it to have this type of content representing our city? Let us know!

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