If you've been daydreaming about getting your first, or another, tattoo then this month might be the time for it. This month sees the return of the Tattoo Expo in Amarillo.

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The Amarillo Tattoo Expo Is Back This Weekend

If you're unfamiliar with the Amarillo Tattoo Expo, it's a chance for you to get a tattoo from artists that come from all over the nation. Artists travel from far and wide for these things.

It's held at the Fifth Season Inn, and runs for four whole days starting on Thursday, June 23.

For those who admire the art of tattoo, it's a chance to see a variety of styles all in one place. When I've gone, there's also been a handful of vendors on site.

Plan Ahead If You're Looking For Ink

Sure, you can roll the dice on how long your wait will be if you just show up hoping to get a tattoo. I'm willing to wager, there might be a long one if you go any other time than in the early afternoon.

The best way to make sure you get the tattoo you want, and don't have to wander around aimlessly for hours before sitting in a chair, is to go to the event's social media page and contact an artist.

Many of the artists that will be there will have posts up on the event page, or you can find one and send them a message. Get an appointment set, and save your tired feet from shuffling around for hours on end while you wait.

As Always, Tickets Are At The Door Only

One day passes run at $20, unless you go in before 5 PM on Thursday (6/23) or Friday (6/24). You get a $5 discount for being an early bird. That's at least according to their event page on Facebook.

They also mention giveaways throughout that weekend.

If you're looking for something to do, and love tattoos, check this one out.

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