The #DonutChallenge started a few days ago when Eddie decided to eat 9.5 donuts as fast as he could just because he wanted to. Somebody had like the donuts in the studio so Eddie went after it and Lunchbox taped the whole thing.

Then it turned into Bobby challenging Eddie to eat a dozen donuts in 20 minutes (which is 2,400 calories by the way). If he completed it, he would win $100 for himself then $100 to a charity of his choice. Watch him complete it (with 5 seconds left to spare) on Facebook live below.

Eddie won the challenge! So he got his $100 from Bobby and then asked the other $100 to go to Feeding America. Even sweeter, Westrock Coffee said they would match the charity donation. AND a listener also matched the donation. So $300 to Feeding America and we all got to laugh for 20 minutes straight.

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