Last night was an example of how weather can change in an instant.  A severe storm blew through Amarillo and the severity caught many of us off guard.  Well, now many cell phone owners will be notified of these alerts through text.

The storm that hit Amarillo last night caught a lot of people by surprise.  The winds were horrible and caused a bunch of damage to trees and power lines.  The rains came fast and hard causing flooding all over town.

Some Sprint customers were notified by a text message.  It is a program created by the government called Wireless Emergency Alerts. These alerts would include severe weather, Amber alerts, and Presidential alerts.

If you are wondering what phones get these messages, Sprint phones purchased after summer 2011 except for iPhone 4S and the Nexus S are compatible with the program.  But as of right now, Verizon, At&T and other carriers are hard at work to have their phones compatible also.

Do you think this is a good idea?  Would you like to be informed of emergencies and severe weather?

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