As I'm looking through piles of information about things happening in Amarillo, I came across something about Dinks and Drinks in Amarillo. Immediately I set out to answer the obvious question.

What the hell is a dink?

It didn't take long to find out. A dink is a type of shot in pickleball. You know...pickleball. It's that "not tennis, but sorta" game that's really getting popular.

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The first time I ever noticed pickleball being mentioned in Amarillo was back when the city was advertising opportunities to learn about the sport. From there, I discovered that pickleball is a bit of a "big deal."

There are leagues and tournaments all over the world when it comes to pickleball. I had never heard about it before 2 years ago.

Which brings me back to the drinks and dinks in Amarillo. There is an event coming up called the 2nd Annual Dinks & Drinks Pickleball Mixer.

It's tomorrow, and here's the link you can use to get more information.

The name strikes me as a bit odd, so I kept digging. There are two theories. One is that the game was named after the owners' dog, Pickles. The other is that it is named after the pickle boat.

This lead me to wonder what the hell a pickle boat is, so I did some searching. The first result on Google says that it is the last boat in a race.

The first suggested question in the "People also ask" section is "Why is it called pickleball." It's all tied together, and it doesn't involve brine or cucumbers.

If you're as confused as I am, and you really want to get some answers as to why there's a spot on the court named "the kitchen," then check out the event tomorrow.

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