As you may know by now, Bed Bath and Beyond are closing all their stores.

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We had a feeling the one in Amarillo was closing and we asked, and they said no at the time, and a week later, it was announced that all Bed Bath and Beyonds were closing.

They are currently liquidating their inventory in stores and having all sorts of going-out-of-business sales.

So what is to become of the big building that the Amarillo Bed Bath and Beyond occupies?  It is currently for lease (that's how we found out they were closing).   What could possibly occupy a storefront that big?  Could another big box store move into the area?  It seems that with the current economical client that isn't likely.

It's possible that Amarillo could see some sort of sports complex.   In a lot of the bigger cities, the Bed Bath and Beyond stores are being turned into Pickleball Courts.

What is Pickle Ball?

Pickleball Surges In Popularity Across America
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Pickleball can be played indoors or outdoors with two or four players.  It is a racket sport where the players hit a hollow plastic ball full of holes over a net using paddles.

It's a mix between tennis, ping pong, and badminton.

According to a CNN article, pickleball businesses are taking over the Bed, Bath, and Beyond stores in several malls across the country.  Yes, their BBBs are in malls, but ours is a big building.  However, there is a very large building in the mall that needs a new tenant, so that's a possibility.

There is a new company called Camp Pickle and they are opening up in bigger cities.  It's a Pickleball center with a camp feel, with food and drinks.  It honestly looks amazing and it would be so much fun to have in Amarillo.

Here's what the Denver, CO concept will look like:

Their first Camp Pickle will open in 2024.

It's not that far off for Amarillo, right?

I mean they turned the old Beall's building into an Urban Air Adventure Park.  So it's not unlikely that we might see something like this coming to a old Bed, Bath and Beyond or an old Dillard's store near you.

Does Amarillo have pickleball courts?


Cactus Cove has an indoor pickleball court for its guests and those who want to pop in and play.  You can find a tournament going on regularly.


Other Courts in Amarillo:

  • Amarillo Country Club
  • Amarillo Tennis Center
  • Medi Park
  • Memorial Park
  • Amarillo Netplex
  • Olsen Park Elementary
  • Tascosa Golf Club
  • Trinity Baptist Church
  • Trinity Fellowship Church
  • Warford Activity Center
  • Westover Village Park
  • Windsor Elementary

Who knows, maybe we'll see a pickleball business in Amarillo in the next few years.

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