A new listener called in recently asking us about #PIMPINJOY. That call reminded me that our show has almost doubled since the launch of #PIMPINJOY, so there might be a lot of you out there wondering: What is it? Where did it come from? Why the word “pimpin?"

Well, here is audio of the call. Bobby explain the roots of #PIMPINJOY to the listener and I think listening to this will give you a pretty good understanding:

Since the launch of #PIMPINJOY in 2014 we’ve sold hats + shirts + totes + more all for various causes. We don’t keep any proceeds! We simply want to use the merch to spread joy.

Here’s a little blurb that we send out with all the #PIMPINJOY gear we sell through The Shop Forward:

#PIMPINJOY is a movement, a celebration dedicated to people who may be going through a rough time...but they choose to find and spread joy in their daily lives. The movement started with Amy's mom, Judy, and the positive #PIMPINJOY message she modeled so beautifully as she battled cancer. Will you choose joy for yourself? Then spread that joy to others? We hope so!!! We also hope that wearing your #PIMPINJOY gear will remind you to encourage you to choose and spread joy. #PIMPINJOY, paying it forward, and spreading joy!

It’s been awesome for us to see people out and about wearing a #PIMPINJOY hat or shirt or whatever. It’s especially special for me because its walking proof that my mom’s prayer (for her cancer to be used for good) is still being answered. Pretty cool.

Speaking of my mom…about 7 months before she lost to her battle with cancer…we got to make a music video to the song that Walker Hayes wrote about her called “Joy Like Judy.” It’s our official #PIMPINJOY theme song and I’m so pumped that I have this video to look back on, as it features my mom’s signature dance move + several listeners that were also having to “choose joy” during that time.


If you like Walker’s #PIMPINJOY song, you can actually get it on iTunes! Maybe add a quick pick-me-up song to your playlist? ;)

And last (but not least) a just want to give a shout out to The Shop Forward + listeners + family + friends because without them and you, #PIMPINJOY would not be what it is! If you’re ever looking for awesome gifts that give back…check out ALL that The Shop Forward has to offer... and keep spreading that joy!


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