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Valentine's Day can be hectic if you try to go all out and celebrate it the usual ways. Some of us prefer just staying in and watching a movie. According to a recent study, this is probably the movie most Texans will be watching.

According to a survey done by House Method, the most popular romantic comedy in Texas is '40 Year Old Virgin.' There goes Texas, making me proud again.

House Method took the most romantic comedies made since 2000 and found out which ones are most popular by state. That's why there's no 'When Harry Met Sally' on the list.

'40 Year Old Virgin' was the most popular across the U.S. Our neighbors in Oklahoma, however, prefer 'Wedding Crashers' over the Steve Carrel modern classic.

Nationwide, 'Bridesmaids' came in second place. Third went to '13 Going on 30.'

House Method
House Method

You can find out more by checking out House Method's study by following this link.

I find it hard to disagree with our pick. '40 Year Old Virgin' is hilarious. The waxing scene is one of my all time favorite moments. Yes, I was one of those idiots running around screaming "Kelly Clarkson" for months after I saw it.

'Wedding Crashers' is another one of my all time favorites. The scene in the stairwell when Vince and Owen are arguing after the whole "call me Kitty Kat" thing still makes me laugh out loud.

Still, I think I'll go with my all time favorite rom com when it comes to Valentine's Day film viewing. Nothing beats 'When Harry Met Sally' in my book.

I'll have what she's having.

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