You think it's OK to do now... but in 5 years will you say "What was I thinking"?

No doubt that in 5 years we will say something on the line of "Remember when kids were eating tide pods or snorting condoms?"

My kid loves to dab in every single picture. When he is high school I am sure he will say, "Dad what the hell am I doing in all those pictures?" I can not wait to embarrass him.

There is fidget spinners. I am sure someone will wonder why that was such a big deal 5 years from now.

Kids can't seem to get enough of Five Night's At Friday. For some kids, that is all they talk about.

Speaking of video games, how about the videos of kids playing video games. Back in the day, we all wanted to play the newest game. Now kids just watch other kids play. It's weird.

Of course I think the big thing people will talk about in 5 years is selfies. But there is a good chance we will still be doing that in 5 years.

What do you think? What is popular now? What will make us scratch our heads 5 years from now? Tell us in the comment section below.





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