Today I received an email from command central going over the different terms used during the current "health" issue the world is facing. In it was something that I hadn't ever really considered.

What the hell is the difference between an "epidemic" and a "pandemic?"

According to the information I was given, "epidemic" is the term given to a disease that is rapidly spreading in a specific region.

"Pandemic" is the term assigned to an epidemic that has become spread worldwide.

March 11, 2020, COVID-19 was designated as a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

It seems that since that time, the headlines about the novel coronavirus have only grown in number. The NBA, MLB, NCAA, cruise lines, music artists, film studios, and more are all canceling or postponing events.

Flights are so cheap right now, that there is a whole new online subculture around taking "coronavirus vacations."

Celebrities and athletes are making headlines when it is confirmed they are infected.

This may seem anecdotal, but speaking with several of my friends on the phone last night in other states they all said that all of the companies they work for are already coming up with plans for their workers to work from home.

While I am not screaming that the sky is falling, or that we should buy up every roll of toilet paper we can find, I can't stand beside those who say "it's no big deal." It's no big deal, until it is. Know what I mean?

While I'm not personally worried that being infected would be fatal, I am worried about the lengthy quarantine a person has to be in until given the "all-clear." I am also concerned about friends and family that live close to, and in, areas that have confirmed cases.

Just keep washing, and washing, and washing, and washing your hands.


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