It's Christmas time and time to decorate the tree.  However, when it comes to the Christmas tree, what kind of tree do you like to go with?  A real tree or a fake tree.


Real trees are awesome because you have that pine smell in your home.  However, you have to keep it constantly watered.  You have to clean up the needles when they fall off the tree.  Yet, there is just something about having a living thing in your home all decorated.  And don't even get me started, if you have cats and a real tree.  Then once Christmas is over you have to get rid of it.

A fake tree, well let's face it, it looks fake.  It doesn't have that pine smell.  However, you don't have to pay for a tree every year.  You don't have to worry about watering a fake tree and the fake tree won't drop needles all over your carpet.  However, the cats will still get in the tree.

What do you have in your home?

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