Wheat is used in many of the products you buy, Bread some Deserts, even Chocolate. Therefore, where a bad wheat harvest happens, the price in the store usually increases.

Field experts learned since the crop was planted later then usual ,the wheat is still in it's early stages which can better withstand cold temperatures and the high winds. Many of farm experts worried about this years wheat crop, which they were predicting if the freezing temperatures stuck around in the area the wheat wouldn't survive.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Whichever, the ongoing drought forced many local farmers to plant their crop later than normal and the initial predictions may be better than expected. Experts say "consumers won't see a drastic increase in prices at the grocery store. Even if the prices did climb, a loaf of bread wouldn't likely increase for consumers to even notice".

Although there is that potential for grocery prices to go up, but there is no need to worry just yet.