Today is National Margarita Day!  A day to celebrate with a salted rim glass, lime, and lots of tequila.

According to a survey that was done by National Today only 32% of people love margaritas?  That's insane, that leave 68% of people who don't!    They also found that 67% of people prefer a frozen margarita, and I would have to agree. If you are going to have a margarita, you have to have it frozen.

For me personally, I like a flavored margarita, in fact, watermelon is my favorite.  Unfortunately, it's seasonal.

So who in Amarillo has the best margaritas?   Frozen, on the rocks, flavored, beer bottle and more. Let us know your favorite place to enjoy this cold tasty beverage.


So where are you heading for happy hour after you get off work? Celebrate with a margarita today!

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