Tis the season, and all we seem to do this time of year in Amarillo is eat.

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Food is everywhere during the holidays and we tend to stuff ourselves silly.  We eat treats our co-workers bring to the office.  We have multiple celebrations with food, our office Christmas parties, our significant others Christmas parties, church and life group Christmas parties, and other organization Christmas parties.   All of which involve food and a lot of it.

The holidays are for gluttony!

Then we get to our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations.  What do we do?  We open presents, and we eat and we snack, and we eat.

Those delicious sweet treats are among the best things to eat during the holidays.  Pies, cookies, brownies, breads, and candy (anything covered in chocolate, divinity, peanut brittle).   It's the sweet treats that make the holiday delicious.

Christmas Desserts are Soooo Good!

Let's face it, time is short during the holidays, and although most of us have good intentions of jumping in the kitchen and cranking out multiple loaves of banana bread, bags of peanut brittle, cute little gingerbread men,  and pies of every shape and size.

It's no wonder that the average person will gain about 8 pounds over the holiday season.  Those enjoying Christmas dinner will eat about 7,000 calories.  It's crazy just how much food we eat during the holidays.

 "Tis the Season to Be Jolly"

This is probably why most people make resolutions to get in shape and lose weight in January.  All the Christmas desserts.

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