Whether you are in Amarillo, across Texas, or somewhere else in the United States, Thanksgiving is a day that is supposed to be a day of thankfulness.  A time for family and time to be grateful for what we have been given.

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However, that's usually not what happens when everyone gets around the table for dinner.   Something always happens.  Mom burns the turkey, Uncle Joe drinks too much, Aunt Karen brings up politics, and Grandpa doesn't have a filter anymore so he's spewing everything.

At some point in time, an argument will ensue, and all of a sudden it has turned into a yelling and screaming match.  Unfortunately, it's usually about politics, no matter how many rules about no politics at Thanksgiving are made.

Maybe you're the black sheep of the family and the last thing you want to hear at the dinner table is about you not living up to your potential.

So now that Thanksgiving is over and you've experienced the chaos, we want to know who started the fight at Thanksgiving.

Let's face it, celebrating the holiday can be fun, but it can sometimes turn into something we don't like.  Maybe Dad is disappointed with where your career is going.  It could be that you're not married and don't have any prospects, and you're tired of hearing, "but you're such a nice girl/boy, let me introduce you to..."

No matter what the holidays bring, just remember, you're all family and the last thing you need is the cops called to your house to break up a fight between your brother and drunk uncle.

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