We all do it. We pig out on the chips and queso. But who has the best place in town?

I have been to a few places in town where they have an amazing menu. But the one thing I have to have is queso. I have been to a few places where the queso was amazing. So good that I almost forgot to leave room for my actual meal because I ate too much queso.

Who has the best queso? That is a tough decison to make. Which restraunt in Amarillo do you have to go to just for the queso and chips? We asked online. Here is what you said.

1. Torchy's

2. Leal's 

3. On The Border 

4. Joe Taco

5. Rosa's

6. Abuelos

7. Chedder's

8. Chilli's

9. Brazeros

10. Aspen Creek

What is your favorite? Have you ever filled up on just chips and queso? Tell us all about in the comment section below.

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