Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Guys, Am I going to regret this? Last year for Valentines Day... I gave my wife a very expensive pair of Diamond Earrings. Well, she lost one of them. How do I know? Because I found it. I've kept it for months to see if she would come to me about it, but she hasn't said anything. Um, I feel like she didn't even care about it and now I'm thinking of not getting her anything this year for Valentines! Bad move?

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Sabrina H Tucker
Even as an adult one should know to take care of things even if valuable or not ... get her some flowers they dry up an less work ..‍♀️ for her but to throw out

Bianca Urias
Get the the other earring and give them to her as a gift again

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Maria Ruiz Prieto
ugh thats a big No NO from your wife..... there has been a few times i thought i lost my wedding ring but i come forward and tell my husband so he can try and help me find it (lol) just get her flowers/dinner or a lil something something, no need to spend a tone of money. LET HER KNOW YOU FOUND IT, just dont tell her you found it months ago. to see if she tells you the truth!

Kristal Martinez
Dude get over it. Happy wife happy life. Petty wife...well...you get it. Make a joke about it, put it in a champagne glass or some rose's and be like "Hey, your just as beautiful with two earrings than with just one." She probably felt bad the moment s… See More

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Rebecca Hernández
Just get something even if it's the earring she lost along with a extra gift something simple not so expensive.

Roman Rey Estrada
If you're out here playing games like that in your marriage, then do both of you a favor and get her a divorce for valentines day.

Tessa Rowell
Bad move... she may be so upset about it, and don't want to upset you. Costly earring are lost just as easily as cheap ones... thats reason I won't own Pricey jewelry.

Celis Vidana
Maybe she hasn’t told you about the lost earring Bc she knows you will freak out , but simply not giving a valentines this year will throw her off like really lmfao

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Darren Tryon
Dude, either get over it or give the one she lost as a gift this time.

Dana G Chavez
Wow seriously... you could’ve told her you found it. That poor girl is probably a wreck and ashamed to tell you that she lost such a precious gift. Petty!

Mike Perez
Just get her a box of tacos.give her her earring back and quit being a girlyman about things.

Margaret Ramon
Gift her that missing earring lol ‍♀️

Saul Sauceda
Just get a box and give the earring you found. Tell her you found it and that she deserves to get that and only that this year for not telling you she lost it. Bow she has the pair again

Saul Sauceda
Be petty, I can guarantee you she would be petty as hell with you... women are like that

Moses Cervantez
Hell yeah bad move. You can still get her something but it doesn’t have to be so expensive

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