Kids today will never know the pain and joy of playing an 80s video game.

Those games took determination, patience, and grit to even get past level one of most retro arcade games.

Do you think you still got it?

If you answered yes, then join a group of fellow gamers for the Galaga Battle Royale! That's right; you can battle it out playing the 80s classic Galaga.


It is time to put your skills and trash talk to the test!

I know what you are thinking, "wait, is this going to be a new version? Or an updated version I didn't spend my childhood training on?" Not to worry! This is the true blue, original version of the game you love.

Lit Arcade Bar in downtown Amarillo will be hosting the tournament on February 20th from 7 PM – 10 PM.

Gamers will be playing for the cash prize!

1st Place - $50 Cash
2nd Place - $20 Tokens
3rd Place - $10 Tokens

For more information, see the event Facebook page.


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