Recently, news came out regarding The Commons at St. Anthony's. Now, another iconic Amarillo landmark is getting a little love.

The Santa Fe Depot is getting an addition.

Say Hello To The Pavilion

The new structure going in at the Santa Fe Depot is The Pavilion. It's an open-air structure that, according to a press release from the City of Amarillo, will enhance the entertainment aspects of the area.

The groundbreaking ceremony will be held Friday morning (8/19). According to the press release, construction should be finished in October.

Just In Time For The Rodeo

The Pavilion will be finished just in time for the WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo. The rodeo kicks off in November.

The association manager of the WRCA was quoted as saying it will make things much more convenient for their contests and horses.

Keeping History Alive In Amarillo

Recently, there have been several stories of historic buildings getting a new lease on life, no pun intended. Everything from hotels to now the depot are getting some love.

In the case of the Santa Fe Depot, the point is made that not only is this one of the oldest buildings in Amarillo, but it is an integral part of Amarillo's history.

The railroad played a major part in Amarillo's existence. Without the railroad, Amarillo wouldn't be anywhere near what it is today.

In fact, Amarillo is the largest city in Texas that owes its existence to the railroad. That's according to a quote in the press release from Beth Duke, executive director of Center City of Amarillo.

All in all, it's nice to see new life being given to Amarillo's history and landmarks.

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