WTAMU students will stay overnight in cardboard boxes to help raise money for a good cause.


The past few years in the Kenyan part of Turkana their has been a major drought causing a major lack of resources in the area.

On Wednesday, April 18th the students and ministries at WTAMU are kicking off the annual Shack-A-Thon/Give a Goat Program.

Five ministries on campus along with students will start building little shack's out of cardboard, pallets and tape that they will be staying in for 24 hours.

The reason behind this is to raise awareness and money for goats that will be bought and given to the people who live in the Kenyan region in Turkana. The WT ministries work hand in hand with the local Christian Relief Fund in Amarillo who have found a way buy and distribute the goats to the area.

A goat can be purchased along with the veterinarian fees, minimal dairy business equipment and delivery for every $50 raised. In the past three years of this event the students and along with the community and churches they have raised over $50,000.

Some of the information in this story was used courtesy of Travis Ruiz at ConnectAmarillo.com

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