A generating unit went down and now Xcel Energy is asking you to cut down on your energy usage.


There for a while here in the Texas Panhandle we were getting some rain, more rain then we have gotten in the past few years. Because of the rain there was some cooler temperatures and people didn't have to water there lawn as much.

In these past few weeks the weather has been acting like the past few years, little to no rain and temperatures soaring into the 100's. With the spike in temperatures and no rain fall it is causing households to increase the usage of electricity inside.

Xcel Energy announced that it wants it's customers to cut back on their electricity, at least until after 7p.m. when the demand is down. Xcel announced it had a generator go down that needed immediate attention and repair. Because of this they have asked residents to please cut back in order to make sure something doesn't happen like this when temperatures are soaring outside.

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