It's no secret that rodeos are life here in the Texas Panhandle and if you need more of a fix well we got just the item this weekend. The XIT Rodeo and Reunion returns to Dalhart after a brief Covid-19 hiatus.

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The annual event is a big deal for Dalhart as it brings roughly 10,000 spectators to the Texas town and for local businesses, restaurants and hotels much needed income that could help with summer sales. So what exactly is there to do at the 85th annual event?

The Rodeo Itself

Bull Riding 1
Jim Parkin

The rodeo itself takes place in the evening and there's nothing like the thrill of watching that 8 second ride or the folks who try to make it to 8 seconds, for those less fortunate there's no shortage of rodeo clowns who are heroes in their own right out there to keep things under control.

Then, There's The BBQ

Sliced up smoked Texas style brisket. Shallow depth of field.

The XIT Rodeo is also home to the world's largest barbecue which takes place on Saturday. No I ain't talkin hamburgers and hot dogs on the weber here, I'm talkin Brisket, Turkey, Sausage, Ribs and all the sides that go along with it, Beans, Tater Salad, Coleslaw and whatever else suits your fancy. but it's not just about the 'cue

There's Live Music Too

AAA Texas 500
Jonathan Ferrey

Make no mistake there's plenty of good music at XIT. This year expect performances from Chancey Williams Saturday. In the past they have had performers ranging from Tex Ritter, Conway Twitty, Waylon Jennings, Willie actually no showed the event, Kevin Fowler, Stoney LaRue and plenty of other big names.

Grab your tickets at the official XIT website and if you head out that way send us a pic or two!

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