One of the best times I remember with my daughter was reading to her as she was growing up. Yes, there were some books that she just made sure I read over and over to her. Yes, at the time I was like "Not Again." Those, though are the books and the memories I cherish the most.

Now as a Mimi I get to watch my own daughter start that tradition with her own daughter. It makes me proud every time I hear her reading a book from the kitchen. I remember that being such a great time in our own lives.

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I'm so happy to know that she and her own daughter are making those memories now.

I remember hearing Charlie talk about Imagination Library. It's one of those programs brought to Potter and Randall County from Storybridge. Imagination Library is the handiwork of Mrs. Dolly Parton herself.

This program provides free books to kids every month. I looked into signing my granddaughter up when she was born, but they didn't offer it where she lives. When they moved back to this area that was one of the first things my daughter did.

So far we have received about three or four books. My daughter has read each and every one of them to Laila.

Signing up is easy and then you just sit back and wait. Oh, and then take advantage of reading each and every book to your child. The first one you will receive is "The Little Engine That Could."

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Your family will get a reminder email every month letting you know that another book is coming. I know my granddaughter is too young to get excited about getting mail. I just know that as she grows that excitement will come to her.

I can't go on enough about how I am a huge fan of Storybridge here in Amarillo. Signing up for Imagination Library was really a wonderful thing for both my daughter and Laila.

Sign up HERE.

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