One of the most unique restaurants in Amarillo is FINALLY opening today!

This is definitely a different experience than other pizza places in town. We have some great pizza joints here in Amarillo, but 1000 degrees separates themselves from the others. From the moment you walk in, it's decision time! You have a choice of one of their specialty pizzas, most of which are very unique. The most requested one is their Buffalo Chicken pizza. You also have a choice to build your own pizza.

The great thing about the build-your-own pizza is that its one price with unlimited toppings - from the different sauces and cheeses to as many toppings you wanna stack on your pizza! After you're done creating your pizza, they throw it into a special brick oven that is heated at 1000 degrees. By the time you're done ordering and paying, your pizza is done. It only takes 2 minutes for your whole pizza to be cooked.

This place is really good, but most importantly, it's really fast! I recommend you try 1000 Degrees Pizzeria today. They also have salads, cheesy bread, and wings available. They are located at 2207 S Western St. You can also call them for more details at 806-803-9436.Check out their Facebook for more info.