I know the residents of Bushland have to be excited about this news.

It's becoming a burgeoning part of the Amarillo area. Houses flying up, people moving in at record pace.

But as with ANY area that begins to explode, there will be a lack of options that come with it. Grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants.

All of those have to start going up to sustain the influx and those can take a bit to get moving. There's land costs, construction costs and time, evaluation as to whether or not the business can survive.

However, there is one restaurant that feels it's worth the cost and time to build, and surprise surprise, it's an Amarillo favorite.

Sonic is entering the Bushland area, and I can't say I'm surprised in the least. Awhile back, I wrote about how it seems Amarillo has an obsession with Sonic and Subway and I can't figure out what it is.

Regardless of what I think, Sonic owns this city and the areas around it. Roll into Canyon, you'll find a couple of Sonic's pretty quickly.

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some Sonic. I also like other options. Do you feel Bushland has the same thought? Or are they just happy to have another option?

Now when I say Sonic is THE fast food option in the Amarillo area, I mean it. You've got this one going up in Bushland, and I noticed that the CEFCO being built off of 27 ALSO will have a Sonic either inside or attached to it.

Whatever it is with Sonic and Amarillo, it's a serious love affair. But I can't help but ask, couldn't Bushland have used something different? How about a Whataburger?

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