Canyon might seem like a safe, quiet town... but in reality, there are dangers lurking everywhere.

Summertime in Canyon might provoke mental images of the pool, Fourth of July on the Square, trips to Palo Duro Canyon, and snow cones. It's a picturesque spot for the all-American summer. Or so you thought.

There are many factors that actually make Canyon very dangerous, especially in the summer. Make sure you're aware of these things as you enjoy the outdoors and warm weather.

Here are 4 things in Canyon that COULD kill you this summer.

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    In a more populated area like Amarillo, rattlesnakes are a threat, but not a common one. In Canyon, there are more homes in rural areas. Of course, rattlesnakes are always a threat in Palo Duro Canyon in the summer, but they can also be found within the city limits. For tips on how to deal with a rattlesnake, click here.

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    Bats are hard to spot, since they are only out at night and might resemble birds to those who aren't accustomed to them. However, bats tend to carry rabies, which can be fatal to humans. Last year, three bats caught in Canyon tested positive for rabies. City officials are warning residents of the threat of rabid bats this year. Read about it here.

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    Canyon has two extremely venomous species of spiders: the black widow and the brown recluse. In the summer, these spiders come out in the open more often to prey on the increasing population of insects. They might also be hiding in lawn furniture or pool toys that have been stored in the garage all winter. Their venom can be fatal to humans and both species will bite if provoked. Click here to read about handling these dangerous spiders.

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    The temperatures can reach well above 100 degrees in Canyon during the summer, and that's with no humidity. Whether you're just walking around the square or taking on Palo Duro Canyon, it's important to stay hydrated. A heat stroke can be deadly if it's not treated quickly enough.

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