Nicknames are given to people, cities, and more on a constant basis.

Sometimes the basis of the nickname is completely warranted and known.

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And sometimes, it's not. Let's focus on a particular one, shall we? How about...The Windy City.

This nickname has been home to Chicago since 1876. Seems pretty self-explanatory right? Chicago is windy, that's the takeaway.

Is that the whole story though? To be fair, yes Chicago DOES indeed have some pretty decent windstorms. However, that's not the only reason it was dubbed "The Windy City". There is a theory out there that it has a double entendre.

The other half of why it's been dubbed that is due to the residents and politicians being "full of hot air" as it's been said. Now, that is one of the funnier reasons I've heard for a city getting its nickname, but to me, I feel like it's being mislabeled.

The most recent list of cities that are the windiest doesn't even include Chicago in the top 10! So, maybe it's time to think about revoking the title and handing it out to the TRUE windy cities.

There are FOUR Texas cities that are listed inside the top 10 list, and they are truly the windy cities. So, let's take a look at the four cities and see which one takes down the title.


Checking in at number nine on the list is Abilene. They clock in with an average wind speed of 11.9 MPH. That's a full MPH+ more than Chicago, you know, The Windy City.


Right behind Abilene on the list at number eight is Corpus Christi. This one makes perfect sense. I mean, they're right off the water and that's kind of where storms originate, so yeah I could see how they get laced with some wind.


Now we're into the top five on the list, and making an appearance at number three is Lubbock. With an average wind speed of 12.4 MPH, you can get thrown around when the gusts pick up, but it stays strong enough to where you better hold your hat on your head if you want to keep it.


Yet the wind speed in Lubbock doesn't hold a candle to the TRULY windiest city in America...Amarillo. With a staggering 13.6 MPH average wind speed, it's a full MPH ahead of number two Rochester, MN. on the list. Only .8 MPH separates number 10 from number 2 on the list. Then we come in to, well, blow the competition away.

Amarillo, The Windy City...has a nice ring to it I think.

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