As you probably know, David Nail will be at the Midnight Rodeo.  As anxious as I am about the seeing him live, I am more excited about the songs he is going to sing.

David Nail has put out some awesome songs throughout his career.  But there are 5 songs that I truly hope he plays at his show.

1. Whatever She's Got:  This is a given.  I know that once he plays it the entire crowd will join him in singing the lyrics.

2. Let It Rain: Amazing song!  This is a must for any David Nail concert.

3. Red Light:  No doubt about it, this is one of my favorite songs!

4. Kiss You Tonight: This song brings it home that David Nail is so underrated.

5. Night's On Fire: This is quickly becoming my favorite song and no concert would be complete without it.

I could go on and on about all the awesome songs that David Nail sings but the truth is, no matter what he plays the concert is going to be amazing.

If you haven't gotten your tickets, get them!  He will be performing at the Midnight Rodeo on August 12th.