It's almost officially Spring, which means the weather will be getting warmer and people will be out doing their favorite warm-weather activities.

Here in Amarillo, there are certain traditions that must be done when Springtime arrives.

Here are 5 things everyone in Amarillo does to celebrate the warmer weather.

  • 1

    Get a Snow Cone

    In Amarillo, snow cones are basically a staple of people's diet. As soon as it's warm enough, there will be lines at everyone's favorite snow cone stands and Bahama Bucks.

  • 2

    Go To Palo Duro Canyon

    If it's Saturday and above 65 degrees, you can bet there will be hundreds of people heading out to the canyon for a hike. In fact, it's almost impossible to do the Lighthouse Trail for the first few weeks of Spring because it's so busy.

  • 3

    Eat/Drink On the Patio

    People in Amarillo basically hold their breath all winter long until they get to enjoy dinner at their favorite outdoor spot. The restaurant patios in Amarillo will be completely full as soon as Spring arrives.

  • 4

    Fill the Baseball Stadiums

    Whether it's high school, college, or the Amarillo Thunderheads, everyone has a team to root for in the Spring. The baseball stadiums will be filled with happy fans who really just want to soak up the sun.

  • 5

    Go To the Lake

    Amarillo folks will call in sick to spend a day on the lake when it warms up. They don't even need a boat.

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