Amarillo is well-known for not having anything to do.

We are far away from any metropolitan areas, so people from Amarillo have to travel to find entertainment.

However, if we could bring in just a few new activities, Amarillo might draw its own tourists.

Here are 6 businesses we really need in Amarillo.

  • 1

    Pet-Friendly Hangout

    Lubbock just opened a restaurant called BushHogs that has a huge patio with dog beds, water bowls, doggie bags, an area for live music, giant Jenga, and a BYOB policy. They serve burgers, barbecue, fries, and onion rings. This casual hangout spot would be perfect for Amarillo. The people here love their dogs, but have to leave them in their cars when they go out for happy hour or weekend brunch.

  • 2

    Food Trucks

    The closest thing we have to a real food truck is Yellow City Street Food. Their food is unique and amazing, so can you imagine if there were more options like that? Once the new stadium opens downtown, there will be a lot more foot traffic in the area at night. A food truck selection would bring an inviting, metro feel to the downtown area.

  • 3


    Since Amarillo is no where near the ocean, most kids don't get to see sea creatures until adulthood. Plus, adding an aquarium to the Amarillo Zoo/Wonderland area would draw more people.

  • 4

    Dine-In Movie Theater

    Places like Alamo Drafthouse and Movie Grill have become really popular in Dallas, Austin, and even Lubbock. You get to enjoy a movie, sing-along, quote-along, or movie marathon while you have a delicious meal, snacks, dessert, or drinks. While Amarillo has great movie theaters with yummy snacks, the dine-in theater offers a more enhanced experience.

  • 5

    Multi-Activity Center

    A Dave and Busters or Main Event would be great for Amarillo. Dave and Busters is an ultimate arcade combined with a great restaurant, making it very kid-friendly, but they also have a full-service bar, making it a great adult hangout spot. Main Event is similar, except they serve snacks and have a bowling alley, glow-in-the-dark golf, laser tag, and billiards.

  • 6

    Ghost Tour

    Amarillo has a walking ghost tour downtown, but it doesn't even begin to cover the creepiest places in Amarillo. Not only does Amarillo have some really old buildings in the city limits, but there are also some abandoned places outside of town that are definitely haunted.

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