We have learned a lot of new things. We have changed a lot of our habits. We are not going out just any ol' time we want to these days. We are pretty much staying home like we are supposed to be doing.

We are learning to be social new ways. We are learning to be teacher ourselves. So to say 2020 has been a year of change. We are also developing new habits in the kitchen. We are learning to cook more. We are still supporting local restaurants but we are cooking more. That is awesome. Some of us are even cooking with our family.

By doing this our kids are learning skills that they will need later on. We can make it fun. Let each kid have a special night that they make dinner. Let them try. Even if they fail it will be memories.

These are fun times for the kiddos to learn. Kitchen skills are just as important, if not more, than some of the skills they learn in school. So giving them a chance to try is a far better lesson.

Another thing that has changed during all of this is we are starting to eat earlier. Before we would get off of work, race to get the kids, figure out all we have for homework and maybe to practice. Well since all of that has changed our schedules it seems we can get dinner ready earlier. So The average family is now eating lunch before noon and than having dinner in the 5 pm hour.

The other thing we are doing differently is eating more desserts. We look forward to our comfort foods. We feel OK with that. We feel OK having our cake and eating it too these days.


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