I will go out right here and say I am not a fan of the colder weather. Heck, I am not even a fan of how cold they keep the office. I feel I am ALWAYS cold.

Apparently though there are a couple ways to get acclimated to the colder weather. If you have ever noticed that when it starts getting colder in the winter we may catch ourselves shivering to keep warm.

Then heck by the time January hits we don't really feel like it's even that bad out. Well that is because we start getting used to it. So there turns out a way to speed up that process. So if you would like to give it a try. Here is what you need to do.

First spend more time out in the cold. You need to let yourself be cold. Don't put on all the extra jackets  and layers. I know you want to be warm but in this situation you need to rip the band-aid off. If you need a jacket then just wear a lighter one....not a warm coat.

The thought process behind this is the more that you expose yourself to the cold weather the faster your body adapts to the change. You can also try gradually turning down your thermostat.

There is a faster way to accomplish this same goal. If you really want to get acclimated sooner all it takes is a cold shower. Don't start off too crazy. Take your shower as normal but start with 15 seconds of cold water before you turn it to warm. Gradually  add 10 more seconds. It will get your body ready faster.

Once your body does get used to the cold your blood vessels don't constrict as much. When that happens then you are less likely to shiver in the cold. It will be no time before you actually enjoy the colder weather.

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