It isn't often that I find a letter from Panhandle, TX laying on my desk. It's even more rare for it to be an invitation. There's quite the party coming up in Panhandle (not to be confused with Panhanndle).

There's a lot of small town charm, and BBQ, coming to Panhandle, TX.

57th Annual Museum Day BBQ

I grew up in and around small towns. Western Oklahoma is covered in them. Every one of those tiny towns has an annual get together.

We especially looked forward to the Gotebo Get Down every year.

This reminds me a lot of those events, like the Old Settlers Reunion in Cheyenne, OK. It's the 57th Annual Museum Day BBQ at the Carson County Square House Museum.

Food, Music, And Local Culture

The letter, which is beautifully written, details the list of events. There's Pioneer Tea for all Panhandle graduates, teachers and friends at the Carson County Library.

Then there is the BBQ meal that's by donation being cooked up by volunteers. There's The Country Store with homemade items, a County Choir performance, a drawing for a Heather Kennedy handmade quilt, and reverse auction.

Also, there will be photography done by the late Billy Bob Brown. He was a well known Carson County farmer, and apparently photographer.

Nice Day Out For The Family Post Labor Day

The event is on September 10. You can find out more by going to the museum's website, which I recommend. They have a pretty nice one.

And if you're looking for something to do after Labor Day, the trip to Panhandle may be what you're looking for.

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